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Christian Music

Christmas Songs

All time classic Christmas music !

Still the best Christmas songs there are.

There are so many different styles/types of Christmas music out there today, anywhere from Christmas rock to carols. But not all Christmas music will be sung generations from now, I believe that the classic carols which have been sung for so long, will continue to be the most sung Christmas songs.

Classic carols will never go away, they are here to stay. I am not saying that today's Christmas music is not good, but that the classics will always have a place in our hearts.

This Christmas, try to focus on what the carols are really saying. We probably all have the words memorized and tend to just sing them without actually listening to them. Listen to the Christmas music and hear what the writer was really talking about. Not just snow on the ground or gifts, but love, joy, and peace. Know that God sent His only Son for a reason, and that's what we should be singing about.

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